The land of Aeon has been at peace for a hundred years, and towns and cities like Dunlow prosper; there is a new, just king in the city of Caelron; and the Sorev Ael of Var Athel keep the dangers of the Wilds at bay. But when an ancient artifact is found and brought through Dunlow, a fleet of ships with black sails invades in the dead of night, leaving hundreds dead and hundreds more captured and enslaved. The land of Aeon is left reeling, and the lives of three young people are changed forever: 

Samson, a dark-skinned young man of the island nation of Gol and the youngest captain of his clan, launches out to track down the invaders; he seeks vengeance for the death of his youngest brother, and to exonerate his own guilt. 

Wren, the orphaned son of a mother he never knew and a thief who lives in the dark underworld of Caelron, is forced to flee the city and the king’s justice that seeks to follow him. 

And AmyQuinn, an innkeeper’s daughter of no standing, is recruited by the infamous Sorev Ael of Var Athel for training – training that is almost never offered to women. She is given the chance at power and knowledge in order to defend her family and her home, but at a price: she must dedicate her life entirely to the feared sorcerers, and at the risk of never seeing her family again.


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